Understanding What Happens After A Foreclosure

In the event of a Tax Deed or Mortgage Foreclosure, The County holds a Foreclosure Auction or a Sheriff's Sale on your property due to unpaid Taxes or Mortgage. The opening bid at this Auction is for the amount of taxes or mortgage that is owed.

What most people do not know is that these properties sell for an amount that is higher than the opening bid and any profit remaining is due to the previous owner.

The County sends out one surplus notification letter, but most of the time it's to the last address on record so you are never informed.

Our job is to step in and assist you in filing this claim. We work on your behalf, directly with the county, state, or court and can assist you in recovering these funds.

The beauty of working with us is that we charge NO upfront fees.  We work strictly on a contingency basis, meaning after we help you get your money, is when we are paid for our service. So, you bear NO risk at all.

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